So many cow puns, so little time! A giant cow statue was spotted hitching a ride down a Wisconsin highway this week. Just glancing at the video will make you crack up. This is something that would only happen in Wisconsin.

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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation shared the video on their Facebook page earlier this week, knowing that we would all get a pretty good laugh at it. Can you imagine watching the web cams and seeing something odd, zooming in and realizing it is a cow statue. Ha!

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The video is about twenty seconds and absolutely hilarious. This cow was spotted on WIS 29 near US 53 in Eau Claire County, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The steaks, uh, stakes are a little high with this one. Hopefully it was strapped down tight!

Thank you to whoever decided it was a good idea to put this out into the world, truly seizing this iconic moo-ment in time. Maybe whoever was driving this truck and the cow statue were going on a steak-out of some sort?

Jokes aside, it is not known just where this cow statue is headed to but given the fact that it is Wisconsin, it could be just about anywhere. Wherever this statue was headed or whoever it belongs to should really speak up. They could get some great marketing out of this!

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