I always joke that I should have a sponsorship for Paramount Plus because every one of my favorite shows is on the streaming platform. One of those shows is Criminal Minds, which just returned last year after a brief hiatus.

I started watching season sixteen this week, which just came out in November. I screamed when I noticed something during one of the early episodes. For some background, the season revolves around a network of serial killers all over the country.

There is one guy they named Sicarius who is the leader of the network and he places kits around different parts of the country for other members of the network. I don't want to give too much away in case you plan on watching but one of the kits is hidden in Duluth!

In one scene, two of the characters pull up a map showing where all of the kits are located and one happens to be right here in Duluth (in television land, anyway). There are only a handful of cities on the map and even though it is fake, it is still pretty fun that they chose Duluth to be a teeny part of this story.

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Other towns shown on this map include Indio, California and a small town in Texas. Like I said, I don't want to give too much away but it was really fun to see Duluth get a little bit of love on one of my favorite shows.

I am only a few episodes into the season so time will tell if we get another Duluth mention. If you want to see the fun for yourself, check out the second episode of season sixteen. It is called "Sicarius" and the shout out happens near the end of the episode around the thirty-eight minute mark.

You can check out the trailer below, which gives more insight into the season and the whole serial killer networking thing! It is pretty good so far, although at times, a little bit hard to follow. It does keep you at the edge of your seat, though.

If you're curious, this isn't the first time that Criminal Minds has had an episode or a mention of Minnesota. Right before the new season dropped last year, I did some research into just how many have done either or and the answer is two! One episode is set in Winona and the other in St. Paul.

Wisconsin has had some love over the years as well. There have been three episodes set in Wisconsin over the course of the sixteen seasons. Two of these episodes have taken place in Milwaukee and one in Madison. The more you know!

The only downfall of this season is that Matthew Gray Gubler is not on as his iconic character Spencer Reid. I did have a chance to ask him a Criminal Minds-related question a few years ago about the show on Reddit and so I guess at least I have that.

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