If you're a little sappy, this will probably bring a tear to your eye! A former duo paired together on Dancing With The Stars is tying the knot and there is not only one but two really cool Duluth, Minnesota connections here.

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For some background, Daniel Durant is a Duluthian who shot to fame a few years ago for his role in the Oscar-winning movie CODA. The film was named Best Picture at the Oscars in 2022 and made history along the way, featuring a predominantly deaf cast.

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Daniel's career has exploded ever since and he has been given some really cool opportunities as a result! One of those, of course, was joining Dancing With The Stars later that same year. He was paired with Britt Stewart and the rest is very romantic history, as the two fell in love throughout their course on the show.

Eventually, the duo were eliminated but they still got their happy ending! Daniel popped the question just before the new year and shared his excitement on social media, along with an exclusive in People Magazine.

So what are the Duluth connections here? First and foremost, Daniel is a Duluthian who still returns home to the Northland! Second, he was rocking some very Duluth-y merchandise while he popped the question.

A Bent Paddle Brewing Co. hat! While locals would recognize that merchandise anywhere, it is cool that the merchandise and brewery are getting noticed all across the country from those reading People or any other entertainment sites that shared the engagement photos.

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Of course, Bent Paddle took notice and happily shared the engagement photos featuring their merch on social media, even offering up free drinks for Daniel and his family next time they are in town. Daniel responded, thanking them and saying he can't wait to stop by and have a drink. We will cheers to that!

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