It is gearing up to be a very busy weekend in Duluth! It is only fitting, considering it is the first weekend of December so we are all getting in the holiday spirit. Of course, Bentleyville continues this weekend, along with a few other events.

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With all of these events, parking will be a bit tough, especially at or around the DECC! The DECC issued some parking tips ahead of the busy weekend so you can plan accordingly. We all can act like the Grinch when it comes to trying to find parking in the winter.

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First and foremost, DECC organizers say that the busiest time of the weekend will be Saturday afternoon (December 2nd). Events starting and ending will be overlapping, meaning their parking lots will be very busy.

If you must park at the DECC, arrive very early. You can also park in downtown Duluth or Canal Park and walk to the DECC for a more seamless option. If you are planning on parking at the DECC, they ask that you practice patience.

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Aside from exercising a bit more patience for all the people attending these fun events, they also suggest attending their Duluth Winter Village event. It is free and going to the event before or after your planned event at the DECC means less travel and parking stress during congested times this weekend.

Here are the events taking place this weekend on the DECC campus, aside from Bentleyville:

  • An expo
  • UMD Men's Hockey
  • Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra's Holiday Spectacular

Who says winter in Minnesota has to be cold and sad? I love that there are so many fun winter events happening this weekend and in the weekends to come! Get out to some of these events and embrace the Northland winter.

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