So I didn't win the big jackpot this week. Darn it. I did however win the last big Mega Millions in July. Ok, I wasn't the big winner, but I got 3 numbers and won $200. That's the most I've ever won on any lottery ticket. The problem I have a lot of times when I'm at the checkout at a gas station is that I don't carry cash on me, so, therefore, I don't buy a lottery ticket.

Especially since the cash and change shortages took place during the pandemic, carrying cash isn't really normal anymore. I pay with my wallet on my iPhone, my Apple Watch, and by using my debit card. So I never have cash!

I was surprised to see when I was checking out a sign on the credit card terminal last Friday that said buy Minnesota State Lottery Tickets with your debit card. What? When did that happen?

I know I tried years ago to buy a ticket with my debit card and they said I couldn't. I can't remember where it was, but I just assumed that was the rule. So I asked the cashier this time to get a few Powerball tickets, and he said "Sure, just be sure to hit the debit option and enter your pin." Bingo. Done. I got my not winning ticket. It's the same for other Minnesota State Lottery tickets.

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The official rules are in the Minnesota Legislature Statutes. Specifically:


Subp. 16.


The lottery retailer shall agree to sell lottery tickets only for cash. For the purposes of this subpart, "cash" means coin, currency, money orders, and checks.

So the retailer can take a debit card as it is a form of an electronic check. It's not credit cards which are not allowed.

Retailers ultimately have the final decision, but most places take debit cards so you probably would have better luck than paying with a check. Just remember to play responsibly!

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