It's the time of year when road closures and detours due to city projects are expected. However, a new project recently announced by the City of Duluth is a unique one that will impact downtown Duluth.

Beginning Monday, August 7, the City of Duluth Public Works and Utilities Department will be installing a Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner for sanitary sewer lines beneath Michigan Street downtown. The City says this project will help sustain a reliable sewer system for the long term and help reduce the infiltration of groundwater into the sewer lines. Public Works and Utilities has contracted with Veit and Shelton Excavating to complete this work.

People in the areas of impact can expect to see equipment set up at manholes in and adjacent to city streets primarily during the daytime hours. The new lining is expected to cure in about 24-30 hours.

The City notes that some locations will include excavation, such as First Avenue E and Michigan Street, to prepare the pipe for lining. Crews will then return following the excavation and lining process to patch the road, which will require temporary road closures. First Avenue W from the I-35 exit will also be closed. However, Third Avenue W. will remain open, as will parking access for the Minnesota Power building.

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It's also worth noting that the CIPP process can produce a chemical odor for a short period of time, but any odors produced will dissipate. Property owners and operators can prepare for the project by making sure all building drains and traps are filled with water.

The work will begin on August 7 and is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete. The City encourages anyone with questions about this project to contact Tim Sanders, Project Engineer, at (218) 730-5066 or to

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