Put this one on your binge-watch list! There's a new television show coming to a streaming service near you and it has a really cool Duluth connection.

First and foremost, the show will be on Peacock. It's called Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist. The series has ten episodes total and will premiere on the streaming service on Thursday, September 5th.

About The Show

The show is described as an 'upcoming American crime drama miniseries' based on a 2020 podcast of the same name.

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Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist - Season 1
Parrish Lewis/PEACOCK

The show is based on a true story, with IMDb saying the plot line is about the following:

The infamous armed robbery story after Muhammad Ali's historical comeback fight in 1970.
This is a story many are familiar with but it will be really cool to see it play out on the silver screen! Not only that, but the show has a ton of very famous faces.

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The show features major names like Samuel L. Jackson, Chloe Bailey and Taraji P. Henson. This show looks amazing! Check out the trailer below.

Now For The Best Part

One of the people who worked on the show is a Duluth native! His name is Van Hayden. According to his IMDb page, he has worked on some massive projects like The Chi and The Wonder Years.

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I can see this show being a major awards contender when awards season rolls around later! Between the cast and the story, I am really excited to see.

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