Recently, some very disturbing posts started to circulate on social media of an alleged assault that took place at the Rustic Bar, located at 401 N. Central Avenue in Duluth.

Michelle Folson says that on the night of Tuesday, September 12, she was at the Rustic Bar when her night ended in a violent and terrifying fashion.

According to her Facebook post about the incident, "I was kicked in my head and face. It was 2 white men who stomped and kicked me in my head. I was unconscious and woke up covered in blood in the parking lot not knowing what happened to me."

She goes on to say that if it wasn't for her daughter helping her that night, she fears she may not have come out of the situation alive.

That initial post showed her blood-stained glasses and the blood-stained shirt she was wearing. Later, she would post graphic photos showing the terrible injuries she sustained to her face that night.

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Needless to say, her story caused outrage and a demand for justice across social media. On Monday, September 18, the Duluth Police Department acknowledged the incident and provided an update on their investigation.

The following is their official statement, which was shared on the Duluth Police Department's Facebook page:

The Duluth Police Department is dedicated to providing accurate and timely information. To clarify the event that occurred at the Rustic Bar on Tuesday, September 12, we are releasing the below timeline of the incident. We want to remind the community that this is a very active and ongoing investigation, and we will share more details as they become available.

At approximately 12:15 a.m., Wednesday, September 13, Officers responded to the 500 block of N 60th Ave W for medical assistance that occurred from an assault earlier in the day. Upon arrival, officers located a 39-year-old female with injuries to her head and face. She was transported to a local hospital by Mayo Ambulance for treatment related to her injuries.

Surveillance video was requested on Thursday, September 14, and the bar owner provided it to DPD on Saturday, September 16. Investigators were called in on Saturday to review the video and continue the investigation.

The surveillance video showed two females having a conversation that turned physical. That’s when two males became involved in the confrontation and assaulted the female victim.

The two males involved were known to the other female involved, and the cause of the fight is still being investigated. Any charges related to this incident are forthcoming as this remains an active and ongoing investigation. Investigators spoke to additional witnesses today, Monday, September 18, and have canvassed the area to gather video from surrounding establishments. If you have any information or video to share, you’re encouraged to call the Violent Crimes Unit at (218)-730-5050.

The Duluth Police Department recognizes the amount of public outrage surrounding this incident and they ask for the community’s patience as they do their due diligence and thoroughly investigate the events that occurred that night at the Rustic Bar.

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