Now that Labor Day weekend has passed, many across the Northland have turned the page from summer and have started thinking about Halloween, pumpkin spice, and all the other things the fall season brings.

However, one thing that summer brings isn't going anywhere quite yet, and that's the multitude of road construction-related projects across the Northland. In fact, a new one is just getting started this week in Duluth.

The City of Duluth has announced that utility operations crews will be performing in-ground utility repair on a water main under a section of Grand Avenue beginning the morning of Wednesday, September 6. This repair will cause a temporary closure of the I-35 Northbound on-ramp, as well as a closure of a section of one eastbound lane of Grand Avenue.

The repair work and closure are anticipated to last approximately one week, depending on the weather. Therefore, if usually travel on Grand Avenue, you may want to choose an alternate route for the time being to avoid being either re-routed or stuck in a traffic jam.

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The City of Duluth thanks residents for their patience while the work is conducted. Whenever road construction projects are taking place in the Northland, motorists are urged to plan ahead and allow extra time to reach their destination.

It's also important for all motorists to remain attentive whenever they are traveling, being sure to drive with caution and slow down in work zones where workers are present. All construction activities and traffic impacts are weather and schedule-permitting and subject to change.

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