The City of Duluth made a public announcement recently that will be of great interest to anyone visiting  Canal Park, specifically those who plan on walking on the Aerial Lift Bridge.

According to their Saturday, January 5 press release, the Aerial Lift Bridge bay side pedestrian walkway is now closed to the public. The City notes that the closer was deemed necessary due to unsafe conditions in that area. They say the closure is effective now and will remain in place indefinitely. The public will be notified when they are once again allowed the bay side pedestrian walkway.

The City adds that the sidewalk on the lake side of the bridge will remain open for pedestrian use, but pedestrians should use extra caution when traveling the bridge by foot in winter, as walkways can sometimes become exceedingly icy and slick.

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Pedestrians are also reminded that they are always prohibited from walking on the roadway, and this sidewalk closure does not change that policy.

For those driving in the Canal Park area, it's important to note that automobile traffic will not be affected by this closure, therefore traffic flow should remain normal near the Aerial Lift Bridge.

While this is somewhat of an inconvenience for the public, it is necessary and temporary. On the plus side, frigid weather is rolling into the Northland beginning this weekend, so there likely won't be many people wanting to walk outside anywhere.

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Ariel Lift Bridge Operations added that would like to thank Duluth residents and tourists for their cooperation and patience during the closure.

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