Scammers certainly aren't running out of ideas these days. They are seemingly getting more creative with each passing day and this new scam in Minnesota is a good example of that. It was first reported by the Ely Police Department this month.

The Ely Police Department took to social media to warn locals of a property rental scam that has been reported in the area. We all know and love Ely as a popular tourist destination and one that people love to use as a vacation spot. That's why this scam is so easy to fall for.

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According to their post, scammers are creating fake ads for rental properties in the area. They are using actual photos that have already been shared on the internet of real homes that are for sale or that have been for sale. That makes this scam seem legitimate even though it isn't.

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There are a bunch of pages on social media for the hot Ely housing market and scammers are using those pages to share their fake ads for homes. Once someone sees an ad for their fake home, they attempt to get information out of the person interested, even before they see said home.

A few things they ask for? The Ely Police Department says scammers will ask the interested party for an application fee to even be "eligible" for the home, a security deposit or the first month of rent. They state they may even try to get your personal information in the meantime or schedule a showing with you to seem legitimate, only to cancel beforehand.

The good news is there is a way to see if a home listing is real or fake. The Ely Police Department recommends looking at a website like the St. Louis County Land Explorer, where you can verify all the information you need.

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Obviously you shouldn't give anyone money over the phone and you should never reveal your personal information to someone you do not know. Make sure you see a home in person or verify its legitimacy before making sort of payments. If you have any questions, you can call the Ely Police Department at 218-365-3222.

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