Now that we've ushered in a new year, seeing what fads and trends develop in 2024 will be interesting. One thing that is always interesting is seeing which baby names become popular over time as while traditional names never seem to go completely out of style, there always seems to be a new, unique name that becomes trendy.

Recently, Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Medical Center looked back in 2023 to see which baby names were the most popular in their facilities across Minnesota. According to their news release, more than seven babies were born per day at Essentia Health’s Minnesota hospitals last year.

As of Thursday, December 28, 2,613 babies were born at Essentia’s five hospitals in Minnesota that perform deliveries. That includes:

  • 1,489 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Duluth
  • 482 at Essentia Health St. Mary’s-Detroit Lakes
  • 384 at Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Brainerd
  • 178 at Essentia Health-Virginia
  • 80 at Essentia Health-Moose Lake.
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Through December 14, these were the most popular names at St. Mary's Medical Center, according to the Office of Vital Records at the Minnesota Department of Health.

Top Baby Boy Names

  1. Oliver (15 babies)
  2. Theodore or Theo, Leo (11 babies for each name or variation)
  3. Asher (10 babies)
  4. Sawyer, Liam (9 babies for each name)
  5. Everett, Jack (8 babies for each name)
  6. William or Will or Willem, Wyatt (7 babies for each name or variation)
  7. Henry or Henryk, Arlo (6 babies)
  8. Luke or Lucas or Luka or Lukka, Nolan, Noah, Tate, George (5 babies for each name or variation)

Top Baby Girl Names

  1. Brynlee or Brinley, Ella (7 babies)
  2. Evelyn or Evelynn, Ava, Isabelle or Isabella, Ivy, Claire (6 babies for each name or variation)
  3. Ayla or Aila, Vivian or Vivienne, Lucy or Lucille, Lainey, Everly or Everleigh, Amelia or Emilia (5 babies for each name or variation)
  4. Harper, Daisy, Nora, Kinsley or Kinslee, Anna, Gemma, Hazel, Violet, Iris, Harlow, Scarlet, Eleanor or Eleanore or Eleanorah (4 babies for each name or variation)

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Here's hoping all Northland families have a safe, healthy, and fantastic 2024 and beyond!

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