It's the time of the year when many roads across the Northland and beyond face construction projects that impact traffic. Earlier this year, the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced a whopping 247 road construction projects in Minnesota alone.

Recently, the City of Duluth announced a large project has resumed downtown that would impact traffic for an extended amount of time.

According to the City, the Third Street Reconditioning Project has now resumed. The first phase of the project began in 2023 and involved reconstructing the intersections at Lake Avenue and Sixth Avenue E and installing new signals at those intersections.

The Next Phase Of The Third Street Reconditioning Project

The second phase of this project will consist of concrete pavement repairs, bituminous mill and overlay, ADA intersection improvements, and the removal of the signals at Fourth Avenue W, Third Avenue E, and Fifth Avenue E.

Traffic Impacts

Motorists can expect to encounter the following during the second phase of the project:

  • The right lane of Third Street will be closed from 12th Avenue E. to Mesaba Avenue to allow for work on the upper side of the road.
  • No parking will be allowed on the right lane side of the road, but parking will be allowed on the left lane side.
  • Avenues may be closed as required to allow crews to safely complete the work within the intersections.
  • Due to the work that was completed during phase one of the project in 2023, it is not expected that Third Street will need to be closed this year for the reconditioning project.
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How Long Will Third Street Traffic Be Impacted

The City anticipates that the work on the upper side of Third Street will be completed in early July. Then, traffic will be switched to allow work to begin on the lower side of the street. Construction is anticipated to be complete by the end of September 2024.

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