UPDATE 10/24/23

As of early Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service says we can expect a few flurries to mix in with scattered showers overnight later this week as temperatures drop. It was possible the system was going to bring our first 'measurable' snowfall to the area but it was too far out and uncertain.


It has to happen at some point but I don't think I am ready just yet! The first snowfall of the season is officially in the forecast for the Duluth area. According to the National Weather Service of Duluth, it could come as early as next week!

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The Old Farmer's Almanac predicted the first snow would fall in early November, although you have to take their forecasts with a grain of salt. Of course, we all know about that Halloween blizzard that hit Minnesota in 1991. Basically, it's not unusual for our first snow to fall around this time of the year.

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We've all been waiting anxiously to see the first sign of an impending snowfall for the Northland and now it is here. The National Weather Service of Duluth shared some details early Friday morning (October 20th).

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

According to their forecast, we could get our first taste of measurable snow during the second half of the week next week. The system is expected to come from Colorado and move towards our neck of the woods sometime between late Wednesday (October 25th) and late that same Friday.

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Here are a few other things to note, per the National Weather Service of Duluth:

  • This will be measurable snow. However, there is only a slight chance at the time of writing that this will be a major snowstorm. Snow totals are up in the air as of right now.
  • There is still a chance that we won't see snow as the system forms and heads our way later next week.
  • Right now, the storm is hard to pin down entirely so it is too soon to tell if it will be cold enough and exactly what time it is going to snow.

You can see an infographic that goes more in-depth on timing of the system and the track of the system. It seems like, as of now, Duluth is right in the line of fire!

I guess we can just be excited that it doesn't look like we are going to have another October Halloween blizzard situation. Plus, after having a record-breaking winter in Duluth last season, anything will seem easy in comparison - hopefully.

The National Weather Service of Duluth suggests everyone get their winter emergency kits ready so we can be prepared while traveling, even just to and from work. As always, make sure you have a way to keep up with storm alerts so you can be prepared. Here we go!

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It is worth noting that the official records from 1941-today have been recorded at the area now known as the Duluth International Airport (away from the lake, on top of the hill). Before then, various locations closer to Lake Superior had been used for official weather recording data. For anyone that knows anything about how Lake Superior and the hill play a role in temperature and snow, you can see how this makes older records inherently different.

While these records note the "least snowy winters", they actually include all seasonal snowfall from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

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