Grandma's Marathon is just days away so this news comes at the perfect time! The famous marathon was just named the top race in Minnesota and if you take a look at the course itself, it is easy to see why.

The marathon is famous in its own right and even more so now, thanks to an online site called RaceRaves. The website focuses on races all over the place, including runner reviews of said races, and just asked avid runners their favorite races in every state. Of course, Grandma's Marathon came out on top for Minnesota.

The 2023 Runners Choice poll is published every year and it's no surprise the famous Duluth race took the top spot this time around. Coming in second was the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, which takes place in October of every year. This time around, it was no match for the almighty Grandma's Marathon.

Duluthians know why the race came in at number one but in case you are new here, a big selling point of Grandma's is the scenery. The website sites the gorgeous views of Lake Superior as a big selling point, especially the part of the race that takes part along the North Shore Scenic Highway.

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Runners also chose this as the best race in Minnesota for the "flawless execution" of the race, which runs like a well oiled machine year after year. The website also says the crowd support is a big bonus, helping cheer all runners to the finish line.

Last but not least, another reason that Grandma's Marathon came in at number one is easy: it makes it easy for runners to have a Duluth getaway! You get in, you run Saturday morning and then you take part in the festivities the rest of the weekend. If you are running the race, you automatically do all the tourist things, like see the North Shore and Canal Park.

If you don't want to run the race but want to take part, there are a ton of different ways you can do so! Race organizers are always looking for volunteers for a bunch of different positions, including volunteers for water stations and such. You can also drink a bloody and cheer on spectators from the DECC.

Of course, you can also attend Rock The Bayfront for an amazing lineup of live music all weekend long. Overall, RaceRaves said it best when they asked "who doesn’t love a doting grandma?" We sure do.

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