I was in Canal Park on Saturday night when I passed one of my favorite restaurants in the area and noticed it was completely dark inside! This was very strange, until I saw a sign on the door stating that the Minnesota spot was temporarily closed until the spring.

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Apparently I am a little late to the party on this one, as after some research, I learned they have been closed since the start of the new year! Green Mill in Canal Park is closed until the spring as they take on some big remodeling projects.

At this time, an exact date for when they are reopening has not been given. A sign on their front doors states that it will be sometime this spring. Sadly, it looks like we have a few months to wait to feast at the restaurant.

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The good news is that they have been updating their loyal customers on their remodeling projects on social media, so we can get a little sneak peak at what they are working on while temporarily closed.

If you are curious about any holiday bonus cards, they assure loyal customers that those will not expire at the end of February as originally intended. They will be honored when they reopen, along with any birthday treats you may have been gifted from the restaurant.

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It looks like they are remodeling the bar area for sure, with a new bar and flooring going in, according to their social media updates. I am anxiously awaiting the day they reopen but thankfully, there are a ton of great options to feast at in the meantime in Canal Park.

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