The Mall of America announced this week that it will be the home of the first stand-alone retail location in the United States of Manitobah, a Canadian Indigenous footwear brand.

The Manitobah Mall of America store is expected to also sell Indigenous-centered clothing, accessories, and home goods. They will also host an artisan marketplace, educational workshops, and events.

If you're unfamiliar with the Manitobah brand, it starts in 1997 with Sean McCormick who started Manitobah Mukluks. According to their website, the young Métis entrepreneur began with the vision of not only creating a successful company but also being of benefit to the community. His vision has come to fruition.

In 2008, Manitobah began global operations and today it is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, with employees and customers worldwide. Despite the rapid success and growth of the brand, Manitobah remains connected to its roots and continues to provide authentic, Indigenous-designed products that return value to Indigenous communities.

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The Manitobah Indigenous Market, which will be a part of the Mall Of America store, gives 100% of all sales back to Indigenous Artisans. Last year the artisans earned  $110,224 through the market and it has provided over $500,000 all-time to Indigenous Artisans.

It's noble to have a company that remains true to its roots and contributes to the community, but Maniboah also makes high-quality products for men, women, and children. They pride themselves on using natural materials and providing quality footwear that is warm and waterproof for the winter seasons.

The new Manitobah store at Mall of America is expected to be open in time for the 2023 holiday shopping season, located on the north side of Level 1.

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