Tell us something we don't know! Duluth has some great restaurants. Some are so great they have become famous in their own right. Some people even come to the area just to dine at them.

While this isn't the case for Jason Isbell, he did get to try out a local restaurant while in Duluth for a show at the DECC Symphony Hall earlier this month. His food was so good, he even raved about it on stage.

The 'Best Tater Tots' He's Ever Had!

The Grammy winner mentioned in between songs that he had the 'best tater tots of his life' while at a restaurant prior to his show. He didn't elaborate or name the restaurant, leaving many fans in the audience - and not in the audience - to wonder just where he dined that day.

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Where Did He Get Them?

Now, we have an answer, thanks to the Duluth Area Chamber. They tweeted an answer to the question we were all asking. According to a tweet, the restaurant is Lyric Kitchen Bar in downtown Duluth!

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It should be noted that Jason also had other shows in Minnesota, including one in Minneapolis. I haven't seen any headlines about him having some of the best food of his life there! Just saying.

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By the way, the Lyric is delicious and their tater tots are unlike any others you can find anywhere. I mean, just look at that picture and try not to drool! They haven't said anything about this praise but I am sure Jason will be back next time he comes to town.

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