Spring is here which also means pothole season is here! The potholes have been absolutely terrible this year but it looks like we may see a little bit of reprieve from them. City officials in Superior have a plan to patch them up and soon.

The Mayor of Superior Jim Paine shared a "quick update" about the whole pothole situation on Monday (May 1st). He starts his update by saying that, first and foremost, the streets are going to be smoother in just a matter of days.

He goes on to acknowledge that he knows the pothole situation is awful. He cites the "worst winter" ever for the Twin Ports for the reason they are so bad. The heavy snow we saw throughout the 2022-2023 winter season and that record-breaking snowfall nearby really did a number on our roads. Things like plowing that heavy snow and snow removal also factor into the pothole problem.

As for what city officials plan to do with these potholes, Mayor Paine says the dry weather we have in the forecast and the arrival of the materials needed to patch the potholes means the potholes can finally be fixed. He says they are aiming to "fully solve the issue over the next two months" as we head into summer.

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We all know things have been tricky with the weather. The fact that winter has dragged into late April and early May has meant the temporary pothole patches don't stick and it means they can't be permanently fixed until further notice. Thankfully, it looks like a solution is on the horizon.

In case you didn't know, asphalt plants don't start up until late spring. That's a big factor into why potholes can't get fixed during the wintertime or even early spring, despite the fact that we might see a break in severe weather. Here's to hoping!

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