We all know that potholes are a big problem in Duluth and Superior. While it may not be top of mind during the winter months, considering we have to deal with the frigid cold and more pressing problems, it is still something we all dread when the snow starts to thaw.

In May of last year, Superior Mayor Jim Paine released a statement addressing the problem. He asked for patience as he dealt with supply issues and waiting for the weather to warm up and promised to fix the problem as soon as he could.

Now, less than one year later, he is addressing the issue again. He released a statement on Facebook Wednesday (February 1st), writing that while he knows it's "almost impossible" to completely fix potholes in this weather, he was going to try.

He wrote that he had crews out along Tower Avenue filling in the worst of the potholes, which would temporarily fix the issue until we saw a heavy snowfall or rain. He also promised in his statement that as soon as summer rolls around, he would make it a priority to fill the potholes permanently.

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He also mentioned that major roads in Superior, like Hammond and Tower, would be fully reconstructed, meaning they would be fixing potholes altogether at this time. As for the city of Duluth, there is a way you can report potholes in hopes they will be fixed.

It may not be the fastest option but it is better than nothing, especially considering that a report from 2021 showed that poor roads in the state can cost the average driver up to five-hundred bucks a year.

A few years ago, there was a 'vigilante' in Hermantown that turned lemons into lemonade - sort of. How so? The vigilante made light of some bad potholes in the area by writing words around them in white spray paint!

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