I ran across a reel that's just too good not to share. Rob Gronkowski recently was featured on Kwik Trip's social media trying to pronounce Wisconsin cities. Wisconsin has some doozies, that's for sure. How did Gronk Do? A for effort, Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski is a retired NFL tight end. He's known primarily for his years on the New England Patriots. He and Tom Brady dominated the league for years, and when Brady went to Tampa, Gronk followed.

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Now, Gronk has been an analyst on Fox Sports and has some other ventures. Gronk also participated in one of Kwik Trip's sweepstakes for rewards members last August. The sweepstakes was the Monster Hydro Train With Gronk Sweepstakes. My guess is that's when they shot this video.

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Kwik Trip threw the tight end some tough Wisconsin names.

Some of the most difficult-to-pronounce Wisconsin cities made the list:

  • Oshkosh
  • Ashwaubenon
  • Oconomowoc
  • Waukesha
  • Kaukauna
  • Wausau
  • Weyauwega
  • Namakagon
  • Chetek - Nailed It!
  • Green Bay

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You'd hope he'd get Green Bay, which he did. The others, not so much. Most of these city names came from Native American tribes in the state. It's a lot to throw at someone from out of state. Check it out, and see what you think. Gronk was a good sport about it.

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