Reality television lovers, rejoice! A hugely popular Netflix show is seemingly filming in Minnesota right now. We will have to wait awhile for it to officially hit our screens but this hits close to home so it will be worth the wait.

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NY: Love Is Blind Cast Celebrates Netflix's First Live Reunion With The Iconic Pods At Rockefeller Center & Union Square In New York City
Roy Rochlin, Getty Images for Netflix

Which Show Is Filming In Minnesota Right Now?

It appears that fan favorite Love Is Blind is filming in Minneapolis as we speak! Several locals have spotted the show filming in the area and shared their excitement on social media.

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However, it was a TikTok video that caught like wildfire from user @ShelbyInMinnesota. She has a large following, as she shares a ton of content about restaurants and fun places to visit in the Land Of 10,000 Lakes.

To anyone doubting that Love Is Blind is truly filming in Minnesota right now, someone commented underneath the video, writing that they were approached by casting to be part of the season and was told it would be filming throughout February and March. Yes!

Love Is Blind Cast Celebrates Netflix's First Live Reunion With The Iconic Pods In Venice, California
Roger Kisby, Getty Images for Netflix

Where Are They Filming In Minnesota?

It looks like these rumors were further solidified by many other Minnesotans chiming into the comments section of the video! Here are some of the ones that stuck out:

Yep they filmed last night at Ace bridge in north loop! My sister was their server!!! She used the gold cups!!

Friend saw them at hai hai tonight in northeast

i’m new here and i already know someone who is in that season😅

there was filming at the Four Seasons Nordic villages and spa last week! it must be this!

I saw them at north loop dog park!!

They were filming at a boutique gym in the north loop tonight!

Yeah they were at axebridge wednesday night

Yesss they were filming at Brick and Mortar in north loop not long ago. My mom does business with them.

That pretty much sums it up. Plus, about a year ago, there was a casting call for people 21 years old and up to be part of the show! They just asked that those applying be 'brave' and 'open-minded' and of course, ready to find love.

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I cannot wait to see this hit the silver screen. It is truly one of the best reality shows to come around in a long time and hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Singles talk for weeks without ever seeing each other, choose 'the one' and then meet face to face.

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