Well, this might strike up some controversy. People are very passionate about road conditions and potholes and now, a new list is ranking the best and worst roads in the nation.

What Makes A Good Road?

Smooth roads are the dream but they aren't always a reality. Things like bad weather, long winters and heavy traffic can wreak havoc on roads.

How much money each state invests into maintenance also plays a role. So where does Minnesota rank? Buckle up for this one!

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Minnesota Has Decent Roads

According to this list, which was put together by Munley Law, Minnesota has the 17th best roads in the country. This puts us closer to the 'best' roads part of the list than the 'worst' roads part, which is good news.

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The list didn't go into specifics for each state but Minnesota was given a score of 87 percent, which means most of our roads for the most part meet the acceptable quality standard.

Nick Cooper, Townsquare Media Duluth
Nick Cooper, Townsquare Media Duluth

What About Wisconsin?

Sorry, Wisconsin! Wisconsin can be found much closer to the bottom of the list, coming in at number 37. This isn't ideal but it could be worse!

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Wisconsin received a score of about 74 in this one, meaning about three-quarters of its roads reach the acceptable quality standard. In the grand scheme of things, that's not too bad!

As for the best roads? Those can be traveled on in Idaho! Avoid New Jersey if you are taking a road trip because the state came in dead last. Better luck next year.

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