Here's a cool story about some local parents who have started their own businesses aimed to help out families with young kids. The idea started when first-time parents struggled with their kids' meals when dining out.

Back in 2014, the founders of KidsBoard became first-time parents. As they went out to dine at their favorite local restaurants, they struggled to cut up their child's food using the utensils provided. Plastic forks and dull butter knives weren't cutting it, literally.

So, they started packing a cutting board and a chef knife in their diaper bag when they would go out. When they'd go to a restaurant, they would pull out the cutting board a knife and chop up their child's food.

Other friends and family dining with them would request to borrow the cutting board for their kids. That's when they realized there was an unmet need for parents, and KidsBoard was started.

They teamed up with local manufacturer Epicurean and recently started offering the product for purchase.

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KidsBoard is designed so it can be safely tucked away in a diaper bag. The cutting utensil is safe and is 9.75 inches by 3.75 inches. The cutting board is dual-sided, water resistant, knife safe, thin, lightweight, easy to store, and even has a hang hole for easy reach and storage.

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The complete set includes a cutting board, cutter, and storage bag for $49.00.

Sales just began recently and orders are now being fulfilled.

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