Looking for a career change? You may want to brush up on a new list released by Forbes. The list was released earlier this month and names the best large employers to work for in the United States.

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A ton of Minnesota and Wisconsin companies made the list. In fact, some were pretty high up on the list too! The list is comprised of about 600 companies and it's cool to see that Minnesota and Wisconsin contributed to it in a big way.

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How Was This List Made?

For the record, a 'large' company in this instance is one with at least 5,000 employees. Forbes surveyed workers at these large companies and asked them to rate their employer and if they would recommend it to others.

Current employees, those that worked for those companies within the past two years and those familiar with the companies were also surveyed. They also took companies rated consistently well over the years and data from the last three years to make this list.

Which Minnesota Companies Made The List?

Minnesota companies are really having a moment! In fact, one Minnesota company came in the top twenty. Check out each Minnesota company that made the list:

  • #19: Marvin
  • #44: Mayo Clinic
  • #168: General Mills
  • #230: Medtronic
  • #243: Hennepin County
  • #328: Ameriprise Financial
  • #335: Polaris Inc.
  • #360: Patterson
  • #375: UnitedHealth Group
  • #386: Radisson Hotel Group Americas
  • #403: Cardinal Glass Industries
  • #418: Cargill
  • #425: Pentair
  • #474: Ecolab
  • #514: Xcel Energy
  • #521: State Of Minnesota
  • #540: Life Time
  • #576: 3M

Which Wisconsin Companies Made The List?

Wisconsin also did great on this list. Check out all the companies from the Cheesehead State that made this list:

  • #89: Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • #93: Kwik Trip
  • #113: University Of Wisconsin Madison
  • #159: Gundersen Health System
  • #187: C.H. Robinson
  • #250: Uline
  • #260: Rockwell Automation
  • #393: Schreiber Foods
  • #429: Schneider National
  • #492: Northwestern Mutual
  • #497: Kohler
  • #558: Johnson Controls

You can read about these companies, how many people they employ, when they were founded and then some via Forbes. We will see how things shake out in 2025. In the meantime, go midwest!

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