I did a lot of binge watching in 2023 but I have never watched any of the shows on this list! A new study is revealing Minnesota's favorite television shows last year, now that a new year is upon us.

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Need some television inspiration? These shows might need to be added to your watch list for 2024! Maybe there is even a chance you've seen most of them - or all of them! Either way, I love that we know what Minnesotans are watching the most.

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Which Shows Were The Most Popular In Minnesota?

Drumroll, please! The most popular show in Minnesota, according to this study, was none other than Black Mirror! The sci-fi show definitely makes headlines, as it often has scary scenes and cringeworthy storylines.

Coming in second is The Crown, which I have watched! It is a great show for those that love history and follow the Royal family. In third place, we have Frasier, which is interesting considering the fact that it is not a new show.

The rest of the list is as follows, in chronological order:

  • Party Down
  • Happy Valley
  • Beef
  • You
  • The Last Of Us
  • Barry
  • Shrinking
Tero Vesalainen
Tero Vesalainen

Which Shows Were The Most Popular Across The Country?

Oddly enough, Minnesotans were right on track with the most popular shows across the country! The only difference we had with the rest of the nation was our tenth most watched show.

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The rest of the country watched and searched for The Power, rather than Shrinking. It looks like we all had the same taste in shows in 2023.

How Did They Get This List?

I know I am guilty of searching for a show and reading about it before I commit to watching it so this checks out! Gambling site CSGO Luck conducted this study, looking at monthly Google searches from January of 2023 to December. It looks like I have a bunch of binge watching ahead of me!

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