It's a mouthful to say, and it looks like a mouthful of joy. This place is a hidden gem in the Northern Wisconsin Wilderness and they've made another masterful creation.

Wisconsin is known for its love of old fashions. Most of the time in Wisconsin you hear about brandy old fashions. I prefer a whiskey old-fashioned, and I think this cocktail would have the flavors mix better with whiskey than brandy.

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This Maple BBQ Whiskey Bacon Old-Fashioned is at Hog Wild BBQ & Smokehouse located in Solon Springs, Wisconsin.

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I think the maple bacon would pair really well. I need to get on a road trip again down to Hog Wild and try one of these.

Maybe I'd have to try one of their famous bloody marys too.

Hogwild BBQ & Smokehouse has some really good barbecue as you would expect. I've had their brisket platter and pulled pork in the past. It did not disappoint. They often have special menu items as well that they announce on their facebook page or also on their website.

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Golfers, while you are there make sure you check out nearby Hidden Greens North. It's one of my favorite combos. I go down to Hidden Greens and golf a round and then stop at Hogwild on my way home. I wait until after I golf to eat, because I go into a food coma because it's so delicious. Pair one of these Maple BBQ Whiskey Bacon Old Fashioned, and you're in heaven!

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