I've been going to this fishing spot on the St. Louis River for years, and I just found out what the real name is. It's called Woodstock Bay, and it's about to look a whole lot different.

The bay has been an easy way to access the St. Louis River Estuary bordering Superior, Wisconsin. It's a popular spot during both the summer and winter. It's located just off 28th Street in Billings Park.

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google maps

Some improvements have been made in recent years to add rustic launches for kayaks and canoes. They also set up concrete barriers to prevent people from offroading and damaging the area.

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Next spring, work will begin on developing this area into a rustic public access point with low-impact design techniques.

Improvements will include:

  • 1200 feet of shoreline will be restored using methods that will withstand fluctuating water levels.
  • 600 feet of shoreline will be developed into a living shoreline with a protective sill, enhancing ecological integrity.
  • 100 deciduous trees, 100 coniferous trees, and 400 shrubs will be planted
  • ADA-accessible dock will be installed
  • Sandy beach for kayaks will be developed on the North side
  • Three overlook viewing platforms will be installed
  • Winter ice fishing launch
David Hooker
David Hooker

The site will also have a vault toilet, picnic tables, and park benches for people to utilize.

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Learn more about the project from the City of Superior's website.

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