Say it ain't so! The Portland Malt Shoppe has officially closed up for the season. This isn't a huge surprise, since it is a seasonal business and always closes before winter arrives at the end of the year.

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Even though they are now officially closed for 2023, there is some good news we can hold on to: they have already announced when they plan on opening next year! It may seem a little early to make that announcement but at least we can hold on to it as we try to get through another brutal winter.

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It looks like we can feast on all the sweet treats once again on Wednesday, May 1st of 2024. The news was shared on Facebook, along with a sweet thank you to all the loyal customers that visited the Portland Malt Shoppe this season.

The Portland Malt Shoppe is well known all throughout Minnesota and the region as a whole. It always has a super long line, courtesy of both locals and tourists who want a malt or ice cream concoction while walking along the shores of Lake Superior.

The Portland Malt Shoppe is located at 716 East Superior Street. You can brush up on the menu all winter long so when they open in a (long) six months, you will know exactly what you want to order. Ha!

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This is about the time of the year when all of our seasonal businesses start to close: Gordy's Hi-Hat and A & Dubs being the two most notable examples. All this talk about it is making me hungry!

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