There was a record broken in Northern Minnesota on Saturday, June 17. A team is now the record holder for their category, and they chose a small-town marathon to do it.

Team Pathman's Sean McQuaid and Riley Pathman ran Grandma's Marathon in Duluth with a time of 2 hours, 35 minutes, and 26 seconds. They were confident that they could beat the previous record of 2 hours 49 minutes, and 26 seconds, and they chose Duluth, Minnesota's Grandma's Marathon to do it.

What's the story behind Team Pathman? Riley Pathman is one of two twins born with Cerebral Palsy. Both he and his brother Shane have enjoyed marathons over the years.

It began with their father Jim running races and pushing his sons in a wheelchair. They have even done triathlons!

Jim says his kids enjoy the other runners, the music, the entertainment along the course, and the cheering. You can see an interview they did for the San Diego Half Marathon.

What better place to break a record and enjoy the scenery than Duluth's beautiful Grandma's Marathon? The race starts in Two Harbors, Minnesota, and stretches 26.2 miles to Canal Park in Downtown Duluth. The route follows scenic views of Lake Superior, and it's a huge event every year. This year's Grandma's marathon had the most runners they've had in recent years.

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Riley Pathman participated with runner Sean McQuaid and broke the record for the fastest marathon pushing a wheelchair in the male category.

The previous record-holders were Julien Pinsonneault and Me Hour Lim who finished with their time of 2:49:26 in October 2022 in Canada.

Congratulations Team Pathman on the incredible race!

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