Nobody enjoys hanging out with a snob, except perhaps a fellow snob. You know the people, those who are hyperfocused on being a part of what they deem is high society while perceiving themselves to be superior to everyone else.

Don't get me wrong, many people are exceptionally smart and successful while remaining friendly, relatable, and grounded. Those people are not snobs.

No, a snob is far from grounded and you can almost smell their self-induced air of superiority as they approach. You'd think they would be found in metropolitan areas, but the truth is that there are snobby people everywhere, even in small cities within the friendly state of Wisconsin.

A recent study discovered that The Badger State is not snob-free and they live where you might least expect them to be. Surprisingly, two of the snobbiest cities in Wisconsin have populations of under 7,000 people!

How They Determined Where The Snobbiest Cities Are In Wisconsin

To determine exactly where the snobbiest places are in Wisconsin, the study simply measured what they determined to be 'snobby things'.

The data they utilized was from Saturday Night Science as they looked at factors such as the number of expensive homes, high incomes, and overly educated populations by city in Wisconsin.

They next analyzed 141 of the state’s most populous areas over 5,000 people, to come up with their ranking of the ten snobbiest places in Wisconsin.

Here Are The 10 Snobbiest Cites In Wisconsin

Once all the number crunching was completed, the 10 cities below were deemed to be the snobbiest in the state of Wisconsin. I trust you'll take this list with a grain of salt as it certainly doesn't mean that all the people who live in these cities are snobby.

10. Middleton

  • Population: 21,864
  • % Highly Educated: 64.0%
  • Median Income: $87,333
  • Median Home Price: $523,693

9. Richfield

  • Population: 11,757
  • % Highly Educated: 47.0%
  • Median Income: $128,165
  • Median Home Price: $493,223

8. Delafield

  • Population: 7,181
  • % Highly Educated: 58.0%
  • Median Income: $99,239
  • Median Home Price: $638,617

7. Brookfield

  • Population: 41,342
  • % Highly Educated: 62.0%
  • Median Income: $121,837
  • Median Home Price: $450,774
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6. Verona

  • Population: 14,040
  • % Highly Educated: 62.0%
  • Median Income: $109,960
  • Median Home Price: $480,612

5. Waunakee

  • Population: 14,794
  • % Highly Educated: 63.0%
  • Median Income: $132,305
  • Median Home Price: $512,820

4. Fox Point

  • Population: 6,811
  • % Highly Educated: 74.0%
  • Median Income: $130,865
  • Median Home Price: $481,451

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3. Elm Grove

  • Population: 6,445
  • % Highly Educated: 65.0%
  • Median Income: $126,996
  • Median Home Price: $580,004

2. Mequon

  • Population: 25,102
  • % Highly Educated: 70.0%
  • Median Income: $141,996
  • Median Home Price: $572,570

1. Whitefish Bay

  • Population: 14,804
  • % Highly Educated: 81.0%
  • Median Income: $142,356
  • Median Home Price: $553,113

I'm not sure saying "and the winner is" is appropriate here, but Whitefish Bay, a village in Milwaukee County, is the snobbiest city in Wisconsin, according to this study.

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I'm sure the residents of Whitefish Bay, as well as the other cities that made the Top 10, are proud to live in their communities and love the people who live there. They just don't want us to visit. Kidding!

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