Superior Mayor Jim Paine posted a message on social media asking the public for help. The public works crew told Mayor Paine that they are having problems getting through side streets in Superior because of cars parked on both sides of the street. It makes it too narrow for the plows to get through, which then means the street can't be cleared of snow.

He's asked that people please move their cars to the other side of the street and follow calendar parking. It just so happens that this storm hit on the changeover day, which made it even more complicated.

In Superior, the calendar parking switchover period is Sundays between 4-8 pm. I know last night we were moving our cars, and there were still plenty of vehicles buried in snow on the wrong side of the street in our neighborhood.

Mayor Paine asked that people look out for their neighbors who might need help, like the elderly or disabled. He even stressed in the comments that he doesn't care how sloppy it looks, just get the car to the other side of the street so a plow can pass through.

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When plows can't pass through streets, it slows down the efficiency of plowing operations. What makes this even more urgent is that there is another round of snow coming later this week with the potential to bring another foot of snow. Seriously, we can't make this up! What a winter!

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

So if you can, help out a neighbor because we need to get these streets cleared! Good luck and watch your back.

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