Hungry? You might be after reading this. A popular food website released a list of the best restaurant featured on Guy Fieri's hit Food Network show by state. The spot chosen for Minnesota will make you drool.

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives has been a massive hit over the years, with Guy Fieri traveling to the best dive bars and restaurants in the country. He's been to Minnesota a bunch over the years and has even been to the Northland.

He must love Northern Minnesota, too because he has been to a few classic restaurants in the area more than just once! Gordy's Hi-Hat is a Guy Fieri favorite, along with the Duluth Grill and a few others.

However, none of those spots were named the best in this case. Instead, named a Minneapolis restaurant as the best Minnesota eatery featured on the show over the years.

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The restaurant that got the title of best Minnesota restaurant featured on the show is Victor's 1959 Cafe. I can't lie - I have never even heard about that restaurant until now!

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Victor's 1959 cafe is a cuban restaurant and one glance at their Instagram page will make your mouth water. Road trip, anyone?

It's been awhile since the restaurant was featured! It first made an appearance on the show on episode nine of season four. I'm putting this one on my bucket list because everything looks AMAZING.

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Guy Fieri has some fun Minnesota connections. Rumor has it that he has a cabin in Wisconsin, not too far from the Twin Ports. He also loves one Duluth company, shouting them out from time to time on social media.

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