A scary incident occurred Wednesday afternoon in Wisconsin when a school bus collided with a Racine Transit bus. The crash happened around 3:30 p.m. near Shoop and Goold Streets, which is not too far from Horlick High School in Racine.

The city bus reportedly had seven to eight people on board. According to TMJ4 in Milwaukee, a witness said the driver of the city bus was trapped in her seat behind the mangled front end of the vehicle. Her family members have since added that she suffered major injuries to her leg and was transported from the scene to undergo surgery.

A Flight for Life helicopter did land at Horlick Field to transport one patient, according to authorities.

As for the school bus, the Racine Police Department the only occupants at the time of the collision were the bus driver and driver assistant. The school bus is used for special needs students and they just dropped off their last student before the crash.

The official cause of the collision has yet to be announced, TMJ4 is reporting that a family member of the injured city bus driver was speculating the school bus driver drove through a stop sign covered by a tree branch.

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A Ring camera captured the moment the collision took place and while the stop sign is visible from this angle, the line of sight from the school bus driver would have been different and perhaps the tree branch, along with the parked cars, came into play.

RYDE, the city's bus company, issued the following statement after the incident:

A RYDE Racine Route 5 bus heading southbound to the Transit Center was involved in a collision earlier this afternoon.
First and foremost, our hearts are with our driver and others hurt in the collision as they have been transported to the hospital to address their injuries. We are working with the Racine Police Department as they are investigating the incident.
There will be coordination between RYDE Racine and the RPD to communicate further with the public and our riders as more information is available.


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