I love the Northland. I love the Twin Ports, but man do I hate the fact that we don't really get a spring. I'm sitting here typing this, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, sitting in front of my fireplace insert that just kicked on in my living room. Memorial Day Weekend is just days away, and it's considered the kickoff to summer. Hopefully, the weather in the Twin Ports will get the memo.

We had a brutal winter, and honestly, this feels like a brutal spring in town. Lake Superior has kept us not just cool, but downright cold. Yesterday it was 85 degrees when I got home from work. I went out on the back patio wearing summer clothes and barefoot. That was a 5 pm. I knew the wind was supposed to shift off the lake later in the evening, so I wanted to soak in what I could of nice weather. Five minutes later I felt the wind shift.

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Within less than 2 hours we dropped 42 degrees at my house. It went from 85 to 43 degrees. That's just rude. I went from thinking it was too hot to take the dog for a walk to it being too cold and windy to take a dog for a walk in the same afternoon.

Aerial Lift Bridge looking toward Lake Superior in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

I was talking with a friend today that left their house to go to their softball game. They were wearing shorts. By the time they got to the softball game, it was already chilly. He said it was the worst weather he ever played softball in.

Fortunately, the forecast for Memorial Day Weekend is looking better. We should be in the 70s in the region, but depending on where you are it could be cold by the lake again. I suggest you find plans to escape and be a springtime Lake Superior refugee somewhere further inland.


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