You've probably heard of Buc-ee's at this point. What was once a store to stop and grab a treat or two has become an absolute sensation. People stop there just to say they've been and there are a ton of viral TikToks of different locations is awesome.

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I went to Texas earlier this year and asked my friend if we could go to one. She took me to one and it was AMAZING! It had one-of-a-kind snacks, merchandise and anything else you could ever want. This wasn't even a 'big' one either!

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Sadly, there are no Buc-ee's locations in Minnesota. While one is in the works in Wisconsin, I think we deserve our own as well! It would definitely get a ton of traffic in places like the Twin Cities and even northern Minnesota.

Hear me out: if we do ever get a Buc-ee's location, it should be off of Interstate 35 between Duluth and the Twin Cities! Yes, one in the metro would do well but I think there should be one halfway right off the interstate.

If you think about it, people are always traveling up north from the metro to their cabins all summer long. This would give them the perfect place to stop at, similar to a Tobies, which has become famous in its own right.

It would also be a good road trip activity for those that live in other parts of the state. Having been to a Buc-ee's myself in another state, I can truly say it is worth a trip. It would also be a great stop for people visiting the North Shore.

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Buc-ee's, if you are listening, hear my plea. I really want another bag of those white chocolate covered Bugle things. I've been thinking of them ever since my first and only visit earlier this year. Fingers crossed?!

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