It doesn't matter if you are a Duluth native or not. Chances are you know about Grandma's Marathon no matter where you are from, as it is one of the biggest races there is, with people coming from all over the world to take part and spectate.

I moved to Duluth about six years ago now and prior to that, did not live anywhere that was conducive to being a runner or taking part in a race! It wasn't until I moved to Duluth that I started to take interest in running races here or there.

I should mention that when I say races, I am talking 5Ks and the Minnesota Mile! Now being a Duluth resident myself, I have really enjoyed all the different races in the area and take part in as many as I can. It has sparked a new passion and hobby for me and for the past few years, I have wanted to take that even one step further.

Last year, I remember watching some friends of mine cross the finish line and post it on social media. I felt jealous that they could accomplish something so incredible that I could never do. It was that moment that I decided to cross something off my bucket list: a half marathon! More specifically, I wanted to do a Grandma's Half Marathon.

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In late 2022, I decided to sign up, thinking if I paid the money for it I would follow through! My friend also invited me to join her running group for accountability and training so I did, knowing I would be disappointed in myself if I joined and didn't go.

Now, the first day of running group is here which means my marathon training has begun! I have to say, I am incredibly scared and anxious about it. This is so beyond out of my comfort zone that I am scared, excited, nervous and motivated all at once.

I have done lots of scary things in life but nothing on this level! I am not a runner and while I exercise, I definitely could not do a half marathon without training. I am excited to try something new, even if it is incredibly scary.

What makes 2023 different than any other year? I finally got to the point where, after the pandemic and all the life changes that have come our way, I want to set a goal and do the things I took for granted before and wasn't able to do, even if I wanted to. I also want to be proud of myself and prove to myself I can do this because it seems like such a monstrous goal.

While I am writing this for accountability for myself, this is also a sign to do something this year that you have always wanted to do but never followed through or something that scares you that intrigues you! It will make the year memorable and give you something to work towards which always feels good.

I will keep everyone updated on the journey. If you have any tips or tricks - or any good running songs - send them my way! Let's do this thing. I am not trying to beat anyone or get a good time but just trying to get to the finish line. See you there, runners.

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