Everyone who lives in the Northland is well aware of Kwik Trip and all they have to offer. The Kwik Trip story began in 1960, when they opened their first store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

According to their website, they've been focused on doing right by their customers and community from the very beginning. "We’ve stocked the freshest foods and kept prices low by making things ourselves and keeping a close eye on costs. Then we’ve passed the savings on to you."

Since 1960, they've achieved many milestones such as adding a growing number of food options, a rewards program, and the opening of their 800th store in 2021. Of course, that number continues to grow.

Their accomplishments and customer commitment have been getting noticed. The USA Today Readers’ Choice 10 had named Kwik Trip as the best gas station brand in the U.S. for the past several years.

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When the 2023 USA Today Readers’ Choice 10 awards were released, Kwik Trip again topped that list. It's now an impressive four years in a row that they've been named the country's best gas station brand.

As for the criteria, USA Today says they measure a gas station experience by much more than just the fuel. Bathroom cleanliness, coffee freshness, and snack options are all considered.

Here is what they had to say about Kwik Trip:

This Wisconsin-based, family-owned company operates more than 800 stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, South Dakota, and Illinois. Their bakeries make more than two dozen different items each day, and all milk is sourced from dairy farms within a 100-mile radius of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Here are the top 10 gas station brands in America, according to USA Today:

  1. Kwik Trip
  2. Hy-Vee
  3. RaceTrac
  4. Royal Farms
  5. Maverik
  6. Parker's
  7. Sheetz
  8. Love's Travel Stops
  9. QuikTrip
  10. Sapp Bros. Travel Centers

Congratulations to Kwik Trip, who appears to have developed into a dynasty. Let's make it five in a row in 2024!

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