If you woke up a little groggy this Monday morning, you could benefit from checking out Phatboylandy's TikTok page. This Wisconsin Kwik Trip employee has been posting videos of him dancing (normally in the Kwik Trip parking lot), and is approaching 800,000 followers.

This guy's name is Landen Alft. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a degree in musical theatre. Just check out his moves! I bet he's a lot of fun at a wedding reception!

He recently got attention in a local news story from WAOW, and he's even received a shout-out from Howie Mandel, who urged him to come on to America's Got Talent.

I mean, this guy can really dance. It's more than just a shtick, he's got real talent. He picks music from any genre that he can groove to. Like Barry Manilow's "Lola."

He's found a formula that works. He's so enthusiastic with his moves that you can't help but smile and cheer him on. He commits 100%, and I'm excited to see where he can take his talent. According to WAOW, he's going to be moving to Chicago to pursue a career in theatre acting but plans to keep putting out content.

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This video in August got 45 Million Views! That's incredible!

Check out Landen's podcast and get to know this mover and shaker better.

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Lastly, I can't help but draw somewhat of a comparison to John Candy's character in National Lampoon's Vacation. While John Candy was talented, I think Phatboylandy could win a dance-off.

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