Luke Combs spent the day in Minnesota ahead of his long-awaited May 13 concert at U.S. Bank Stadium. Earlier in the day, he went to Target Field to visit with the Minnesota Twins. Then at night, he took the stage for a show that everyone seemed to enjoy. Everyone, that is, but a couple from Mobridge, South Dakota.

A May 14 Facebook post made by Nettie J Farmer began to go viral as she shared a humiliating story about her and her husband's experience at U.S. Bank Stadium.

According to Nettie's post, she had waited 8 months to see Luke Combs in Minneapolis and while she and her husband Dale were sitting in their seats in Section 116, Row 7, two women began making the experience very uncomfortable.

She alleges the following events occurred:

These ladies were sitting beside my husband & me and kept making remarks about my husband's weight and how it was uncomfortable for them and they paid good money for the seats they had. I finally got tired of it and asked if they wanted me to switch spots with him for their comfort and they said no. I told them their remarks were unnecessary and that I was trying to make everyone comfortable but they didn't need to be making passive-aggressive remarks. I went to the restroom right before Luke was about to come on stage and then one lady came back with a security officer and the security asked to talk to me. He told me that he had complaints I was being aggressive with a couple of people there and that I had to go. I told him he could talk to my husband and when my husband asked what was going on the security officer told him I was being belligerent. Dale said no she's not she's trying to talk to you but you won't let her talk. The security officer said but you guys have to go.

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Nettie adds that her husband told security that she had done nothing wrong and that security said that because someone complained they had to leave the stadium and miss the show

The couple believes it was simply their appearance that made the two women in question feel uncomfortable sitting beside them and ultimately led to the women taking action to get them kicked out. In her Facebook post, Nettie says it was the most humiliating experience in her entire life.

They say there are two sides to every story and in this case, it would appear there are three: Nettie and Dale, the two women involved in the story, and the security personnel found what the women said to them to make them think kicking Nettie and Dale out was even necessary. Hopefully, there is some closure for all parties involved.

It's just too bad that any altercations have to go down on what is supposed to be a night filled with fun memories for all who attend.

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