Groceries are a big topic of conversation these days. Many of us mention at least once a day how expensive groceries are but we have to get them, right? You have lots of options on where to get them but according to a new report, there is one that stands above the rest in Wisconsin.

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The Daily Meal ranked the best place to get groceries in every state. For Minnesota, they named Target the best place to get your grub. They looked at things like brands that are carried at that store, if they have an app and use innovative ways to get business and how much they contribute to the community.

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Other factors played a role as well. For example, they didn't use duplicates on the list, so if a store was named for one state it could not be used for another. I don't think that would have mattered in Wisconsin's case because this store as Wisconsin as it gets.

The best place to shop for groceries in Wisconsin, according to this study? Woodman's Market! I can't lie. I haven't heard of this place until now but after reading up on it, it makes sense why it was given the title.


Woodman's Market started as a produce stand in Janesville, Wisconsin back in 1919. The store has since expanded across the state and into Illinois. There is more than ten locations in Wisconsin so it makes since this spot dominates the list!

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Aside from the multiple locations, there are other factors that led to Woodman's Market being named the best place to get groceries in Wisconsin. The Daily Meal explains, writing:

What started as a produce stand in Janesville, Wisconsin, has expanded to more multiple stores in Illinois and Wisconsin. The employee-owned Woodman's Market sells groceries, including plenty of snacks we know and love, with a focus on savings and service. Customers can shop online, and there's also an app that's loaded with coupons and useful info.

Did someone say coupons?! Love it. I know where I am shopping next time I pass a Woodman's Market, although that might take a little bit of a road trip.

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