It's routine but it'll create some traffic impacts for drivers. The Minnesota Department of Transportation is alerting Twin Ports area commuters about a bridge inspection that'll close an onramp along an already construction-busy section of I-35.

According to details being shared by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, their work crews will be out on site performing a bridge inspection on the 40th Avenue West onramp to I-35 south. This one day project is scheduled for Monday, April 17.

MNDOT says that the closure will start early in the morning - by 7:00 AM, and will last until later in the afternoon; their engineers expect to have the bridge inspection work wrapped up by 3:00 PM.

While the onramp to I-35 southbound is closed, MNDOT will have an active detour in place for drivers to use. There will be signage that will direct traffic to the alternative route.

If for some reason the work is postponed from April 17 due to an unforeseen set of circumstances - like weather, a "make up" date has been established for Tuesday, April 18.

While it's not immediately located within the multi-year Twin Ports Interchange project, the 40th Avenue West onramp is just to the south of that work. At the same time that this onramp will be closed, drivers will be navigating the single lane closures that are occuring within the Twin Ports Interchange Project work site; those lane restrictions are expected to be completed by the end of the week - by April 21.

For more details about the bridge inspections, the Twin Ports Interchange project, or any of the work coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, visit their website.

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