St. Louis County residents who have business to conduct at the Auditor's Office will need to go somewhere else for the time being. The collapse of part of the roof at the Miller Hill Mall has forced a temporary relocation of the St. Louis County Auditor's Office back to one of its original locations - at the Courthouse Building in downtown Duluth.

Residents who need motor vehicle titles, vehicle tabs and license plates, DNR transactions, and property tax payment options will need to head to the second floor of the St. Louis County Courthouse. For the time being, drivers license and passport services will not be made available.

A part of the roof collapsed due to heavy snow load at the mall on March 14. That event caused county staffers to reconsider their plans and come up with a quick plan to make sure that services were still made available to people who need them in the interim.  St. Louis County Auditor Nancy Nilsen offered:

"We are thankful no one was injured yesterday and appreciate the work being done to ensure a safe return to the Mall. Whether that's later this week or longer, in the meantime we want to make sure we are serving our citizens as best we can."

Service hours for the temporary Auditor's office are weekdays - Monday through Friday - 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Staffers are alerting people that anyone entering the Courthouse Building for service after 4:30 PM on weekdays are any time on Saturday should use the front door on Priley Circle.

The relocation is temporary and will end once the Miller Hill Mall reopens.

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