If you've bought a new property within St. Louis County - especially if you've moved from one home to another - there's an important deadline you'll want to know about.  The County Assessors office is reminding individuals about the upcoming deadline to apply for Homestead Classification.  That deadline is December 30, 2022.

It's important for new property owners to check - and apply if they qualify - because the application doesn't happen automatically.  Many wrongly assume that an application is submitted as part of the closing process; it is not.

Homestead Classification in St. Louis County offers qualifying owners a reduced classification rate, reduced taxable market value, property tax refund, and/or special program eligibility.

The County Assessors office is transparent in their desire to make sure everyone knows about the deadline - so they don't miss out.  Mary Garness, Director of Public Records and Property Valuation for the county explains:

"We want to do what we can ahead of time to make sure people are aware of why they should take action now.  Getting the Homestead Classification will likely reduce the amount they pay in property taxes.  But every year, it seems, we get one or two people contacting us after the deadline, and unfortunately, by then it's too late - there is nothing we can do."

To be eligible for the Homestead Classification, the property in question must be occupied as the primary residence.  It can be occupied either by the property owner or a qualifying relative.  You can find full eligibility details at the County Assessors page on the St. Louis County website.

To apply, property owners can contact their most-local St. Louis County Assessors Office - in Duluth:  218-726-2304; Virginia and Cook:  218-749-7147; Hibbing:  218-262-6089; and Ely:  218-365-8208.  You can also contact the office using a toll-free number: 1-800-450-9777.

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