It's just gotten easier to make your property tax payments for Northland residents. While St. Louis County has offered an online payment option for a while, there has been a fee associated with that option in the past.

The St. Louis County Auditor's Office has just announced that they have launched a new payment option that allows for those online payments without any associated fees.  Through a contract with Paymentus, St. Louis County property owners can access and use the service free of charge on the county's website.

When they use Paymentus on the website, property owners can pay their taxes by e-check with no associated fees.  Paymentus also gives the option to schedule a payment in advance.

Online payments can also be made with a debit card or a credit card or by using other digital wallet options; those options include Paypal, Venmo, Google, and Apple Play.  It's worth noting, though that these options include a fee to use them.

The news about the new online payment feature without fees comes just as the second-half installments for 2022 property taxes are about to come due.  The deadline to pay St. Louis County property tax payments for the second half of the year is October 17.  This deadline applies to all property owners who are not already paying their taxes through an established escrow account.

Even as the county expands its online payment methods, more-traditional options remain.  Property owners can still write a check and mail it or deliver the payment in person as an option.

Questions about property tax payments can be directed to the St. Louis County Auditor's Office:  218-726-2383, extension 2.  You can also go to the their website.

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