The Superior City Clerk who lost her public appeal against the letter of reprimand she received from the Mayor has been released on Administrative Leave as a follow-up to the situation. She also faces potential charges from  the Civil Service Commision over her actions.

Under terms of the leave memo, Camila Ramos has "been instructed not to return to the City Clerk's Office without prior approval from Human Resources", according to details shared in an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall]. Ramos is, however, "required to be available to the Mayor, City Attorney, and Human Resources Director during regular working hours for communication or meetings".

Ramos lost her appeal to the earlier January letter of reprimand from Superior Mayor Jim Paine; at the appeal hearing on March 8. During the hearing - which Ramos asked to be public - various staffers and subordinates testified about the actions of the City Clerk. The witnesses shared details about a workplace culture that was deemed caustic and inappropriate. "Yelling", public confrontations, even allegations of racial-preference were discussed.

The final straw came when the City Clerk denied a second vacation request for one of her employees, even after Mayor Jim Paine instructed her to approve it. That provided the impetus for the Letter of Reprimand for insubordination:

"[T]he disciplinary letter [cited] Ramos' inapproproate and unprofessional treatment of staff; ineffective training and delegration of work; and insubordination, in violation of several city policies."

During the hearing, Mayor Jim Paine alluded to other potential issues, testifying "that the City had sufficient cause to terminate Ramos based on her past actions".

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

For her part, Ramos remains defiant of her actions, stating "They had me turn in my keys before they escorted me out of the building like some criminal". The Administrative Leave memo was "hand delivered" to the City Clerk, with specific instructions:

"In addition to her keys, Ramos....[had] to turn over her city cell phone, ID card, access fob, and any other city-owned equipment that was in her possession.....She was instructed to collect as many personal belongings as she could gather to bring home; anything not taken the day of the memo would require Ramos to make special arrangements with Human Resources to collect."

One specific instruction brought concern from Ramos; the memo directed that she "not have contact with insubordinates or other city employees concerning city business".  Ramos suggested that she is worried "she could get herself fired" by "running into....[a] city employee in a local store".

Due to the nature of the matter the Mayor, Human Resource Director, and the City of Superior is reserving comment. While Ramos is on Administrative Leave of Absence, Heidi Blunt, the Deputy City Clerk, is acting in the role.

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