A long while back when I heard there was going to be a Flash movie, I wasn't that excited for it.

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Most of the recent DC Comic made movies have been a bore to me, trying in every attempt to keep up with the Marvel Franchise.  In most cases, failing miserably with poor writing mostly and some mediocre acting too.  It seems like unless it's a third version of a director's cut, that is 4 hours long, they just can't hammer out films that entertain unless you're a kid maybe.

My attitude towards caring to see The Flash changed when they showed it would feature 1989 Batman, played by Micheal Keaton.  Now, I'm a big enough fan of Batman, and Batman Returns that even if it was 5 minutes of Keaton, I'm theater seeing it.  I still say they should do one more Keaton Batman, make it three hours long, and have Tim Burton at the wheel.  Kick it late 80s and early 90s old school.

I didn't make it to The Flash on opening night as we had camping obligations but did catch it a week after it was released.  Yeah, I still needed to see it in theaters despite reading about why it stumbled at the weekend box office.

We didn't prebuy our tickets for the weekday showing at Marcus Theaters, which I normally do but an hour before the show, only two tickets were purchased.  I settled in with the wife and kiddo, and my Double Feature Whiskey Sour, and waited for Keaton like a kid on Christmas morning.

The Flash was written decently, had some okay humor but nothing too memorable in that department, and had a good amount of emotion with our speedy main character trying to change history and bring his mom back.

The scenes with Michael Keaton, and there were plenty, were decent.  They gave me some nostalgia feels for sure, but overall, didn't impress me as much as I had hoped.  Yeah, it was cool, but I suppose it just left me wanting another Keaton Batman film and caring less if there was another Flash.

The Flash did have some surprise cameo moments that really shined, and there is a post-credits scene that probably isn't worth your time staying for if seeing it in the theaters.  If you watch it at home, just fast forward to it and you'll just get to the disappointment more quickly.

Overall, I'd give The Flash a 3.5 out of 5 stars.  You get a decent amount of action, mediocre humor, and a decent enough storyline.  It would be nice to see a little less of the alternate timeline, alternate dimensions, multiverse type stuff in so many of the comic book movies now, but it did bring back Micheal Keaton Batman in this one.

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