Celebrating the New Year, for most people, it's more of an adult celebration.  Sure, I know some parents who include the kiddos in it while staying at home, but it's one of the holidays that really isn't about them.

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A lot of adults are the ones who generally get dressed up, go out, consume alcohol and celebrate ringing in the New Year.  For this year, I at first felt bad when we talked about our plans of going out as it leaves our 12-year-old without us and with a sitter or over at a friend's house.  Then I realized she will be just fine playing on her phone or doing whatever without us.

We're potentially heading to the Great Gatsby New Year Celebration at the DECC, which I'm sure will be a good time if we do make it.  Back to the kiddos though, what about the even younger ones?

The Duluth Public Library has that covered for them.  Instead of New Years Eve, they are hosting Noon Year's Eve.

In case you didn't get it from the title, the celebration is around Noon on Saturday, December 30th.

Attendees are invited with a focus on kiddos in second grade or younger.  The event runs from 11:00AM-12:30PM and will feature a dance party, crafts, noise makers, snacks, and games.  They will also have a massive balloon drop at Noon as well, so the kids can kind of ring in the New Year too.  As far as I can tell you don't need to sign up, just show up at the Duluth Public Library Main Branch and ring in the New Year with your younger kids.

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