This weekend I decided to have some people over for a decent sized BBQ.  The weather looked good, and one of my favorite things to do is grill for others and entertain.

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My specialty is charcoal grilled Cajun chicken wings so I stopped into the Hermantown Sam's Club and picked up about 50 pounds. Sam's Club is where I have been buying chicken wings for years because of the size, quality, and cost.  It's also where I get actual prime cuts of ribeye for reverse searing steaks.

Two hours before my guests arrived, I started the charcoal and began prepping the wings.  To my disappointment, the wings were not butchered and cleaned up well.  There were bits of feathers on almost all of them and if not feathers, the ends of them at least.

I thought maybe they would burn off so I started grilling 7 pounds and unfortunately, they just grilled up right along with the chicken.  So I threw those away and opened the next pack and began hand trimming them.  Those then went on the grill, and even with the time invested, I still missed some bits of stringy feather, so I threw those away too.

There was no way I could serve those to my guests and I was incredibly bummed as I already had a lot of time and money into them.  Plus, I at this point had people arriving within forty minutes.  VIP Pizza in Superior saved the day and delivered some goodness within an hour, so all was well on the food front.

The next day I headed up to Sam's Club with the remaining packs of chicken wings and requested a refund on all of them.  Sam's didn't even want to see my pictures of the wings we threw out and graciously refunded the whole purchase.  The person at the counter said their wings aren't prepped in-house like some of the other meats so sometimes this stuff happens, which I get.  It's nice to see a company stand behind their customers when satisfaction isn't 100%.

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