A while back I took the family to see the original Jurassic Park at the DECC in Duluth.

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Not only were they showing the 1993 now classic film, but the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra was playing the entire score right along with it.  It was a magical evening and I wish more events like that happened in the Twin Ports.

Sometimes wishes get granted and I got word on mine just the other night.  The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra will be making that magic again and this time the film will be Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

Yep, the original Star Wars will be up on the big screen with the glorious sounds of the symphony playing right along.  It will be a bit of a wait though, as the event isn't scheduled until May of 2025.

If the showing along with performance of Jurassic Park was any indication of what to expect, any Star Wars fan should be excited for this.  Even if not the biggest Star Wars fan, symphony lovers should appreciate the chance to see an iconic film backed by incredible live sound.

It looks like tickets go on sale for the general public in July, so be watching for an update on that.  Cheers to the DSSO for once again putting together a great show that I personally can't wait for.  What movie would you like to see the symphony playing along to?

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